Navigating from the Mjog Home Page

This article describes how to navigate Mjog.

When using Mjog, please use the links and buttons provided on each page to navigate your way through the options. Using the built in browser controls such as the Back and Forward buttons may cause some strange behaviour and it is best if these are avoided!  You will always find the Home button in the left-hand navigation bar of the Home Page.  This button will always return you to the familiar Mjog Home Page.

On this page:

  1. Navigating Mjog
  2. Quick Links

Navigating Mjog

Each of the links and buttons on the Home Page are described briefly below.  Clicking on the link titles will take you to the associated help pages for that link, giving more detailed information on that part of Mjog.





Mjog Support can reply to questions you submit to them (see below for more information on ‘Ask Mjog Support’) as well as sending general service announcements to you.  The incoming messages can be found by clicking on the link.As well as receiving messages from Mjog Support, any replies from patients will be displayed here.  These messages/replies can be found by clicking on the link.

Friends and Family

Mjog supports the ability to send Friends and Family Test survey messages to your patients automatically following an appointment. This includes the ability to send a follow up question. All results are collated anonymously and made available in a graphical view. The results can also be exported to CSV.

Appointments & Reminders

Here you will be able to view all of the appointments Mjog is currently aware of.  This is typically looking seven days into the future, as well as keeping a history of those appointments that have recently passed.  This list of appointments is kept up-to-date automatically, by Mjog scanning your appointment system at regular intervals during the day.


Here you can check on which appointments will not be reminded by Mjog (View messages that cannot be sent). Patients with appointments booked, but without valid contact details registered in your PAS will not receive appointment reminders and will appear in these reports.It is also possible to see a list of those messages which failed to be delivered to the patient. (View messages that could not be delivered).You can also check to see whether a particular patient has been sent any messages recently (this will match the Historic Data setting on the Account Settings page). This can be useful if you need to check if a patient was sent a reminder message (View Recent Patient Communications).


Through this link, all of the configuration for Mjog can be reached.  Here you can do things like changing templates, updating department settings, managing your Mjog user accounts…What options appear after clicking on this link will depend upon the access level of the Mjog user account being used.


This takes you to the Knowledge Base, which provides you with online help and access to Support and Training.


This will log you out of the Mjog system, and return you to the login screen.

Quick Links

In addition to the main links above, Mjog makes available a number of 'quick links' - shortcuts or fast ways to perform a single task.





Send a quick message

A quick way to send a text to a registered patient who is opted into Text and has a mobile number.

Show comms history

A quick way to view the communication history with a patient

Opt In/Out

A quick way to opt in or out a patient from receiving particular types of message