Livi Practice SystmOne Set-up Guide

How to configure SystmOne for the LIVI Practice service

System Administrator Rights

Create a Branch Site

Create a Generic GP Account

Set up a Task Group

Set up slot types, rota template and appointment book

Add GPs to SystmOne (Smartcard Role)

Add PPA ID to GP Account


System Administrator Rights

If the GP Practice want LIVI to carry out the configuration they will need to create a System Administrator role for the LIVI staff.  The quickest process is for the GP Practice to create a Local Generic System Administrator role.  The preferred option would be a Smartcard Role assigned to the Users by the RA.  Refer to the Guide here on how to get the right access.

The local generic System Administrator role enables LIVI to begin the configuration of the site whilst waiting for Smartcard Roles to be created by the RA/Sponsor or LIVI Sponsor.  Never create real local users on SystmOne - always set them up with a Smartcard Role which will then create their SystmOne account the first time they log in with their smartcard.

Create a Branch Site

Select Setup > Users and Policy > Staff and Organisational Setup:

Staff & Org Setup

Select Branches > New Branch:


Fill in the branch details.

Name: Livi Practice
Address: The Practice Address

LIVI Practice Branch

Click on OK

Create a Generic GP Account (for Rota)

A generic account needs to be created to assign a Rota to.  Create a generic GP called Dr LIVI.  

Setup > User & Policy > Staff & Organisation setup - select New Staff.

Firstname: Dr
Surname: Livi


Click OK.  On next window select Not Listed:

dr_livi_not listed

Create a User logon name

User logon name must be unique on the whole SystmOne network.  You cannot have the same username on to different instances of SystmOne.  Use the Partner name in the Username to make it unique - i.e. drlivi<partnername>:

New Staff Details

Add the Employment role of Clinical Practitioner Access Role:

Employment Role

In the Local Access Rights section check the Appointments access rights boxes:

Appointments Rights

Set up a task group

Any referrals required will be tasked back to the practice. Please create a task group called “Tasks from Livi” and add in all relevant practice staff, to ensure that anything passed back to practice can be picked up.

There will be some tasks that are urgent e.g. some 2ww referrals require the GP to complete tests prior to the referral. These tasks will be marked as urgent in the EMR and the practice should be monitoring / action these within 1 working day.

Select Workflow > Task List

Select Settings:


Select User Groups, click on New Group - create a group "Tasks from Livi":

Tasks from Livi S1


Once created, inform the Practice to start adding users to this Team (by checking the boxes) who they wish to action any tasks sent back by a Livi GP


Set up slot types, rota template and appointment book

To create a slot type Select Setup > Appointments > Slot Types:

Slot Types-1

Select New Slot Type:

New Slot Type

Create LIVI ONLY slot type as per screenshot below and click OK:

S1 Slot Type

You can create another type and name it LIVI ONLY BLOCKED if you’d like those slots to be blocked.

Select Setup > Appointments > Rota Templates:

Rota Templates

New Template > Rota Design

New Template Button

1 New Template

2 Add Slots

3 Completed Template

To create appointment book select Appointments > Rotas

Appts - Rotas

Click the Apply Template button:

Apply Template Button

Apply Template for Livi Practice. select the checkbox next to the required template and click Apply Template:

Apply Template

Make sure the Staff is Dr Livi and clcik on OK:

Apply Template - add user

Add GPs to SystmOne (Smartcard Role)

GPs will need to have a Smartcard Role of Clinical Practitioner Access Role created by the Registration Authority/Sponsor or the LIVI Sponsor Administrator. 

Smartcard Role

As soon as the GP logs into SystmOne via their Smartcard Role their account is created on the system.

Add PPA ID to GP Account

Once the GP has logged into SystmOne the Livi Admin user can either assign a PPA ID to a GP or use a another GPs PPA ID (Using PPA ID):


If using Using PPA ID, click on the Set button and pick the user whose PPA ID you will be using.

See more about PPA IDs here.


Templates (such as 2WW) in SystmOne can be viewed by going to Setup > Data Entry > New Template Maintenance.

All SystmOne templates are in .xlm format.  Templates can be imported and exported:

S1 Templates

To import a template, select Import Templates and navigate to the .xml file(s) on your local machine:

Import Template PC

Select Create New:

Create New

If it is the first import you may want to create a Category (i.e. LIVI) and a Sub category (i.e. 2WW) and then use the same for all other 2WW Templates you import for LIVI (so they are all grouped together).  You can rename the Template, select an Icon and give it a description:

Amend Template

You will then be reminded you need to Publish it first:

Publish Message

To publish, do a search on LIVI, check Unpublished.  Right click on the unpublished template and select Publish Template:

Publish Template

Click on Yes if you are happy with the template:

Sure Publish

And select Publish locally:

Publish Locally

The Template will then be easy to find in the menu by the Category and sub category:


Testing Templates

To test a template a user must have Save Records access:
Save Records
If the user does not have Save Records access they will get the following message when trying to open a Template:

Read Only Mode