Setting up Pathology Links (EMIS - ICE)

How to set up Pathology Links in Emis Web

Add Egton VPN HSCN Facing IP address to NHS Partner Firewall

The NHS Partner hosting the Pathology OrderComms server (i.e. ICE) must enable traffic from and through their Firewall.

Test connection

To test, connect to the Egton VPN and open the OrderComms URL (provided by NHS Partner) in a web browser. Sample ICE URL:

If connection above does not work follow this guide


Request a new MESH Mailbox for Pathology Service

Complete the Request for a new MESH mailbox here.  In the form use;

  • Mailbox Type - MESH Client
  • Workflow ID - Pathology PATH_HL7 Pathology Result from Trust Lab to GP Practice

Request EDI code from NHS Digital

Complete this form and email to

Sample Response from DNS Team will be;

We have allocated your EDI Code as follows:

  • Org Code: [Y CODE]
  • Organisation: [Emis Org Name]
  • EDI : 1100012345
  • ORG Free Part Number for Pathology: 00004
  • NHS EDI Scheme ID: 80

Request MESH and EDI details from NHS Partner Pathology department

This information will be required for the QF976 form below.

Enable Pathology Links in EMIS

Complete QF976 form with all the relevant details in the Organisation Details section and then complete the details in the Pathology Links Information section and send back to EMIS (sample below)

Add Trading Partner and Organisation EDI details to EMIS Workflow Configuration

EMIS Bubble > Workflow > Workflow Manager - Config - Trading Partners

see sample below

Add the Org Free Part Number (0005) to the end of the EDI number (1100007895) making the organisation cipher in messages: 110000789500005

5 Trading Partner 1

5 Trading Partner 2

Activate Anglia Test Requests in EMAS Manager and add Provider Details

EMIS Bubble > System Tools > EMAS Manager - Test Requests - Activate Anglia Test Requests

Add Provider Details - sample:

NHS Partner to set up Connection to EMIS

There may be further Interop connection needs to be setup between CliniSys and Emis (which is with CliniSys)

Provide GP info to NHS Partner 

NHS Partner will need to create users on their Pathology System (ICE/TQuest) - some emay provide a form like below:

New ICE User Request

Most Clinical Laboratories will only require the GPs GMC Number

Configure User Accounts

Once the account shave been created by Exeter Clinical Laboratory LIVI will need account credentials from NHS Partner in EMIS (Org ID - 139798)

EMIS Bubble > System Tools > EMAS Manager - select Test Requests - Anglia Test Requests

Select the User account and enter the password provided from Exeter Labs for both Username and Password (they usually use the GPs GMC number for both Username and Password):

6 EMIS+ICE+Account-a1c24ca9-1920w

Click on Save.