Seasonal flu invitation

This page explains the content and coding for the Seasonal Flu Invitation.

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On this page:

  1. Questionnaire content
  2. SNOMED and READ coding
  3. How to give feedback

Questionnaire content

Text message

Dear {Patient name}

You are due a free flu vaccine at {practice name}

To book, please call reception on {reception number}

If you do not want your vaccine or have already had one this year, please let us know by tapping this link:


Questions and answers


Confirm your date of birth

Dear {patient first name},

Before you respond to {practice name}, please confirm your date of birth.

  • Day (DD)
  • Month (MM)
  • Year (YYYY)
  • Next


Flu Vaccination

Would you like to have a Flu vaccine at {Practice name}

  • Yes
  • No, I do not want to be vaccinated
  • No, I have already been vaccinated
  • Submit

Confirmation page

Your answers have been sent to your GP

Thank you. Your response has been sent to practice name. 

You can learn more about why it's safe to get the flu vaccine on the NHS website. 

If you decide to get the vaccine, please call your GP to book an appoitment. 



[When the patient declines a flu vaccination]

Snomed: Seasonal influenza vaccination declined (situation) (822931000000100) 

Read CTV3: Seasonal influenza vaccination declined (XaZ0i)

How to give feedback

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about our questionnaires.

To request a new questionnaire or suggest changes, please fill in our request form.