Introduction: What are Mjog Questionnaires?

A quick and easy way to collect patient data for remote health monitoring and QOF.

This page is an overview of what Mjog questionnaires are and how they work.

On this page:

  1. What are Mjog questionnaires?
  2. How do questionnaires work for patients?
  3. How does the clinical coding work?
  4. Available questionnaires
  5. Request a new questionnaire

What are Mjog questionnaires?

Questionnaires help your practice to collect structured data from patients. They are online questionnaires that patients access by following a link in a text message.

We’ve designed our questionnaires to help you:

  • Monitor patients’ long-term conditions
  • Collect patient data and update medical records
  • Secure QOF funding

How do questionnaires work for patients?

  1. The patient receives a text message containing a link. 
  2. The link then opens a secure online questionnaire. (If the patient doesn’t have a smartphone, they can copy the link into an internet browser).
  3. After completing the questionnaire, the patient’s answers are recorded on their medical record using clinical codes. Their answers are also sent to your Mjog inbox for review.
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How does the clinical coding work?

Each answer in a questionnaire has a predefined clinical code.  

In some cases, Mjog assigns a clinical code based on the answer to multiple questions. For example, the Asthma Control Test questionnaire calculates an overall score and then assigns a code indicating whether the patient’s asthma is poorly or well controlled.

When the patient submits their answers, Mjog records the codes on their medical record. In EMIS and SystemOne, this is written to the ‘Consultation Record’ section. The questionnaires support both SNOMED and Read (CTV3) codes.

Available and upcoming questionnaires

To make our questionnaires available as soon as possible, we will be releasing them one by one.

Here’s a list of what we have so far and our release plans:

Available now:

  1. Asthma Control Test questionnaire
  2. Ethnicity questionnaire
  3. COVID-19 pre-appointment questionnaire 
  4. Depression questionnaire (PHQ-9) 
  5. COPD quesionnaire
  6. Anxiety questionnaire (GAD-7) 
  7. BMI Questionnaire
  8. Smoking & Smoking History Questionnaire
  9. Flu vaccine invite 
  10. 7 day Blood pressure Monitoring

Coming soon:

  1. Cervical screening
  2. Diabetes pre-appointment
  3. NHS Health Check
  4. Alcohol consumption
  5. COVID monitoring
  6. Fracture risk
  7. Combined oral contraceptive pill 
  8. Heart disease

We also plan to redevelop our Patient Health Monitor tools into Mjog questionnaires. For example, we will produce questionnaires to help monitor:

  1. Asthma reading
  2. Blood sugar / Diabetes
  3. Pulse / Heart rate

Request a new questionnaire

For the time being, questionnaires are created and managed by the Mjog team. You are not able to build your own. 

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

To request a new questionnaire or suggest a change, please fill in our request form.