New EMIS Hub - Checklist

System Configuration

  Task Detail
  Get LIVI ODS Code from NHS Digital  
  Get ODS Prescribing Cost Centre Code from Partner See here about ODS Codes -
  Get Spurious code from NHS Partner (should come with ODS Prescribing Cost Centre Code Spurious code will be a 6 digit numbers and will be used for all Prescribing GPs in the EMIS Hub
  EPR configured with ODS code(s)

Add LIVI ODS Code to National Code and Authentication NACS.  Add Prescribing Cost Centre Code to a new service.

  Local Login for LIVI Sys Admin

Create local account on EMIS and User will associate Smartcard when Logging in for the first time

  Smartcard Role set up for:
- GP
- System Admin
- Admin
- eSR
Work with the NHS Partner Registration Authority to create the appropriate Roles.
  Data Sharing Agreements Activated:
- Care Record
- CrossOrgTasks

There will be the following DSAs:

  • 2 x Care Record
  • 2 x Cross Org Sharing
  • 1 x Enterprise (for Consultation Write Back)
  Enable GP Connect if required (out of Area Patients)?  
  Task Teams set up
- Hub (LIVI Admin)
- Practices (Tasks from LIVI)
  Spine Dummy Patient Registered at Sharing GP Practice  
  Enable Cross Organisation Sharing for Admins  
  Create Generic GP (for Session Holder)  
  Set up Appointment Book Template (Inc Session Holder)  
  Create Session Holder Group - LIVI - Add Generic GP  
  Upload Discharge Summary  
  Upload Referral Templates (i.e. 2WW)  
  Upload Sick Note  
  Create Protocol(s) if required  
  Upload Prescription Formulary  
  Set up testing GP
- Smartcard
- Spurious/PPA ID
- Add to LIVI Session Holder Group
  Enable Document Sharing (EMIS)  
  Ensure Safeguarding info is uploaded for in Careportal  


System Testing

  Trace Spine Dummy Patient from GP Practice (use NHS No)  
  Trace Out of Area Patient (GP Connect)  
  View Full Medical Record?  
  View GP Connect Record?  
  Issue EPS for Spine Dummy Patient  
  Send Task to LIVI Admin  
  Send Task to Tasks from LIVI  
  Access 2WW Templates  
  Create Discharge Summary  
  Access Appointment Book  
  Send Discharge Summary - Docman Connect?  
  Practice can view LIVI Consultations - EMIS (All Records)