SystmOne - Remote Pull Access

How to set up Remote Pull Access for a SystmOne Hub

Remote Pull 

Share in Rules 

Allow Tasks 

Remote Pull

Click ‘Appointments’, and ‘Remote Booking

1 Remote Booking

Select ‘Security

2 Security

Select ‘Grant Access

3 Grant Access

Select the Receiving Organisation and make the Access granted 'Remote Booming 'Pull' Access' Click OK.

Set sharing rules

Select 'Setup',  ‘Users & Policy’ and select ‘Share in Rules

4 Share in Rules

5  Share in Rules

If “No Organisation Require Verification” - no action required

If individual Organisations require verification select 'Custom'

6 Share in Rules Custom

and browse for the organisation:

Search for the organisation using the Organisation ID provided by Livi.

Do not select NHS Kernow Livi TPP unless you are a Kernow practice.

7 Select Org

Allow tasks to be sent between Organisations 

Enabling this setting will allow tasks to be sent to and from the Livi Unit and the GP Practice, regardless of sharing preferences at patient level. 

Go to Setup > User & Policy > Organisation Preferences:

Double click on Clinical Policy to expand the list

Click on Sharing 

Untick Do not allow tasks to be sent from or to this unit if the patient has not consented to sharing

Click Ok