How to create a Response Template

This article explains how to create Response Templates and then add them to your Smart Templates.

Response Templates enable your patients to respond to a message that you have sent them, i.e. to decline a flu vaccine. Adding a response template to a Smart Template also allows you to code responses received in a Now/Reply or Batch Message.

Response Templates can be added to Smart messages, and appear as questions and answers like the example below:

On this page:

  1. Creating a Response Template
  2. Editing a Response Template
  3. Adding a Response Template to a Smart Template

Creating a Response Template

  • From the Home Page of Mjog, click Settings:

  • Select Messages:

  • Click Change my response templates:

  • Select a category to add your new response template to from the left of the page. If you are unsure, select the <Ungrouped> category to start with; you can always change a response template's category later:

  • Enter a name for your Response Template. In this example, type in “My Flu Response Template”, and then click Add:

Editing a Response Template

Once you have created a response template, you can now add the question and responses to it.

  • Click Edit to edit your Response Template:

The next screen allows you to type in your question, and then add the possible responses to it.

  • Type your question in the box shown below. In this example, type: Do you want to have this vaccination?:

  • Under Possible Responses, you will enter all the possible responses. In this example, type: I do not want the vaccination / Decline into both the Smart Answer and Text Answer boxes:

Note: At this point if you were creating a question that require more responses, you would click Add Option, and then add your next response.

  • Click Save Changes:

You will be returned to the Response Templates screen.

Adding a Response Template to a Smart Template

Once you have created your Response Template, you can then apply it to your Smart Template.

To insert a response template:

  • Navigate back to your template and click Edit:

  • Click outside of your template as shown below:

  • On the toolbar, click Add Response Template:

  • Select your response template from the drop-down menu:

  • Click Preview to now see your Smart Template in its entirety:

  • Click Save Changes: