Request organisation Prescribing Cost Centre Code

Required for NHS Spine Endpoint (EPS, GP Connect).

STEP 1: The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) needs to complete a New Cost Centre proforma to inform the NHSBSA that a new service has been set up. Please access the form here.

If you are Independent Sector Healthcare Provider (ISHP), please complete this form instead.

Please use the following details to fill in the form:

Cost centre Name -> (insert the provider name) [EMIS/S1] Hub

STEP 2: Please also complete and send the spurious code request form (omitting the cost centre code field only). Please access the form here.

When filling in the form, please select ‘Generic spurious code for a new/existing cost centre/practice’.

A cost centre can only be set up on NHS Prescription Services’ systems if either a named doctor, a generically named spurious code or one or more non-medical prescribers are also added to the new cost centre at the same time.

STEP 3: All completed forms should be returned via email to: 

Please note only authorised signatories can submit notifications to the NHSBSA – notification from anyone who is not a nominated signatory will not be accepted

If the NHSBSA needs to query the information submitted, they will send an email to the original sender of the notification.

For more information, please visit the NHSBSA website by clicking here.