Re-Install EMIS Web

How to re-install EMIS Web

Delete EMIS System Folders

  1. Close EMIS Web.
  2. Click start (windows start menu on bottom left)
  3. Type %programdata% and hit enter:

  4. Double click the 'EMIS' folder
  5. Right click on the Resource Publisher & any numbered folders if there are some and delete
  6. Re-Launch EMIS Web

    Re-Install EMIS Web

    If the above does not work try reinstalling EMIS by doing the following:

    • Ensure all third party applications are closed within your task manager i.e Docman, IGPR
    • Ensure the PC has at least 10gb free on its C Drive. If not, please contact IT to increase your C drives capacity
    • Ensure your PC is connected to the internet and N3. If unsure how to check this, please contact local IT
    • Ensure your PC is successfully connected to your VPN
    1. Launch the 'Product Manager' application from the Windows System Tray:

    2. Right click 'EMIS Web Client' and then select Reinstall Product

    3. Select 'Show Update Progress' button at the bottom 
    4. Once complete the EMIS Web client will show todays date under the 'Installed on' Column
    5. Select 'Check for Product Updates' in the bottom left to ensure there are no further updates to be installed
    6. Double click the EMIS Web application on your desktop, this should then launch as normal