Patient Trace - Consultation Write Back

For Consultation Write back to work, patients must be traced into the PCN Hub

PCN Organisations have three options when it comes to tracing patients into a clinical hub:

  1. Patients are booked in using Find cross-organisational slot as unregistered patients (only the first time a patient uses the service) from a GP Practice and traced into the PCN Hub by admin staff prior to a consultation.
  2. GP Practices can use GP Connect using Find GP Connect Appointments to book appointments into a hub and the patient will automatically be traced into the hub from the NHS Spine (GP booking staff need to login to EMIS with a Smartcard).
  3. PCNs can request a Demographic Import of all PCN Practices patients into the hub resulting in no patient trace required (when booked in using Find cross-organisational slot).  Only patients that have registered after a Demographic Import will have to be traced.  All PCN GP Practices will need to do a Demographic export and send to EMIS.  There is a cost of £1500 for each PCN and turnaround time is around 5 weeks.

Unregistered patients

When a GP Practice books a patient into the PCN Hub for the very first time they will need to book in as an unregistered patient:

When booking an a Cross Organisational Booking for Consultation Write Back from a GP Practice, the user must select the PCN Hub as the patients organisation and the Appointment Criteria Organisation.  They will then search to see if the patient has been registered at the PCN Hub:

PCN Hub Organisation

The Patient's organisation must always be the Hub name and never the GP Practice.  Do not use the Organisation field in the Appointment Criteria.

Type in the details of the patient or preferably their NHS number and click on Find.  If the patient has never used the hub service before (i.e Enhanced Access service) the search will return with No patients found.  Therefore the booking staff member must select book as an unregistered patient:

Unreg Patient

When you have selected unregistered patient a list of available appointments will be listed.  Book a slot.

The Clinical Hub staff will need to Trace unregistered patient into the Hub and register them in the appointment slot before they can be consulted. 

GP Connect

Firstly, GP Connect must be enabled in all instances of EMIS that wish to use GP Connect Appointments. 

In the EMIS Hub an Organisation Group needs to be created that will contain the EMIS Hub and all the GP Practices within the PCN.

All GP Practices will have to subscribe to this Organisation Group.

Appointment Slots in the Hub must be checked to be GPConnect Bookable.

GP Staff book patinets into a PCN Hub using Find GP Connect Appointments:

Find GP Connect Appointments-1

GP Connect Appointment Slots will be listed:

GP Connect Appointments-1

When a Patinet is booked into a slot they will be automatically traced into the hub from the NHS Spine.

Demographic Import

Every GP Practice in the PCN will need to complete a Demographic export from their own GP Practice (see table below). These are then sent to EMIS who will import them into the PCN Hub.

When the booking GP Practice uses Find cross-organisational slot to book a patient they will be found as a Cross-organisation Patient - and therefore no need to book as an unregistered patient :

Traced Patient-1

In the hub there will ne bo requirement to trace the patinet into the hub.


Column Field Name Type Length Key Unique Mandatory Notes
1 UPI Text 50 PK Yes Yes Unique Patient Identifier
2 NHSNumber Text 10   Yes No No spaces. Failure to supply may result in duplication of patients
3 Title Text 10   No No Non-validated field
4 Forename Text 100   No Yes  
5 CallingName Text 100   No No Will default to first forename where not provided
6 Surname Text 100   No Yes  
7 DateOfBirth Date     No Yes DD/MM/YYYY
8 Sex Text 1   No No M/F/U/I
9 DateOfRegistration Date     No No DD/MM/YYYY – will default to date of migration if not supplied
10 DateOfExpiry Date     No No DD/MM/YYYY – will mark a patient as expired regardless of referral state. Not processed if the patient record exists within EMIS Web
11 DateOfDeath Date     No No DD/MM/YYYY
12 UsualGPPracticeCode Text 6   No No NACS
13 UsualGPForename Text 100   No No  
14 UsualGPSurname Text 100   No No  
15 Ethnicity Text 300   No No Non-validated field
16 MaritalStatus Text 300   No No Non-validated field
17 Religion Text 300   No No Non-validated field
18 MainSpokenLanguage Text 300   No No Non-validated field
19 HomeTelephone Numeric 11   No No Area code + number, no spaces
20 WorkTelephone Numeric 11   No No Area code + number, no spaces
21 MobileTelephone Numeric 11   No No No spaces
22 EmailAddress Text 300   No No Non-validated field
23 HouseNameFlatNumber Text 50   No See below  
24 NumberAndStreet Text 50   No See below  
25 Village Text 50   No See below  
26 Town Text 50   No See below  
27 County Text 50   No See below Non-validated field
28 Postcode Text 10   No See below No spaces, non-validated field