Patient consent and sharing data using GP Connect - EMIS

GP Connect provides an HTML 'read only' view of a patient's GP record available to other clinical IT systems. This enables information sharing between clinicians using EMIS Web and clinicians using other interoperable clinical system.

Patient consent

You will need to set a data sharing preference for the patient using the clinical codes below:

  • Consent given for upload to local shared electronic record (Read code 93C0, SNOMED CT 417528008).
  • Refused consent for upload to local shared electronic record (Read code 93C1, SNOMED CT 416409005).

Registering a patient for GP Connect

Prior to a patient's care record being viewed using GP Connect, the patient is required to be registered as a temporary patient in EMIS Web. Depending upon the length of temporary status you apply to the patient's record (short stay or long stay) will determine when the registration will expire.

  • Long stay: the registration will expire after 90 days.
  • Short stay: the registration will expire after 15 days.

Read more about registering a temporary patient here.

You must complete all mandatory registration fields (marked with a red asterisk *); if you don’t complete a mandatory field (except NHS number), a warning icon is displayed:

Viewing a patient record using GP Connect

  1. Logon to EMIS Web, using a smartcard.
  2. Select the required temporary patient, and synchronise the patient with the Spine.
    Once synchronised, the PDS icon on the patient précis displays as blue PDS.

    The patient's record must be synchronised with the Spine to access their care record using GP Connect.
  3. If required, click chevron right at the left-hand side of the screen to expand the shared records pane. Select the required organisation from the External Views section.

  4. Before you can view a patient's record, you'll be prompted to confirm that you have permission to do so. Enter a consent reason to complete the Permission to view screen.
  5. In the patient's Care Record, a GP Connect tab is displayed above the ribbon and a yellow banner showing the source of the information is displayed below the patient précis:

    When there is a national emergency such as COVID-19, the Emergency Codes table will be enabled for the Summary screen. This will contain a subsection of codes from the patient's record and will only show the most recent risk codes.

The patient's record in detail can be viewed using the following tabs:

The following screenshots show the updated layout available in EMIS Web 9.8.

Problems & Issues


Allergies and sensitivities

Clinical Items





Administrative Items

6. Use the Filter by date range option to view patient information from a specific date range.

You cannot filter by date range on the Allergies and Sensitivities, Immunisations or Summary screens.


All codes from the GP Summary exclusion code list are excluded by default. The same conditions as those in EMIS Web apply to viewing sensitive patients via GP Connect.