Mental Health Professionals Confidentiality Policy

Using the Mental Health Professionals Confidentiality Policy to lock Care Records

Any EMIS Job Role that is included in the Mental Health Professionals Policy will be able to access a record that has this policy applied to it.  The list is quite large:









The Job Roles within a Confidentiality Policy can not be amended

The recomended approach is to use the 2 following roles:

  • Therapists - Register Patients, Apply Confidentiality Policy and complete consultations
  • Senior Administrator - Register Patients, Apply Confidentiality Policy, Send Discharge Summaries

Apply these Job Categories to the EMIS Users Role:

Job Category

Job Category_SA

Suitable Job category Roles for EMIS Users who do not belong to the Mental Health Professionals Policy are (to perform other functions):

  • General Medical Practitioner
  • Receptionist
  • Practice Manager

Register Patient and Apply Confidentiality Policy

User must have a Job Role above.

Complete a Patient Trace (wand in the quick access toolbar at the top).  No Patient will be found if it's a new patient:

No Patients Found

Click Yes to add a New patient.  Complete Patient Details:

Patient Details

Exit Registration:

Exit New Reg

To apply the Mental Health Professionals Confidentiality Policy, Find the patient and then go to Registration > Registration:


The user will already be in the Registration area if they have just registered a new patient

On the ribbon click on the Confidentiality button:

Confidentiality Button

Select Mental Health Professionals

Chane_Apply Policy

Restricted Patients

Patinets with the Confidentiality Policy applied will show as Restricted when any user who does not have a Job Role that belongs to Mental Health Professionals does a Patient Find:


Double clicking on a Restricted Patient will bring up the Override confidentiality policy warning:


This action will be recorded and the person overriding the policy can be identfied in the Audit Reports