LIVI Staff Smartcard Roles

Smartcard Roles required for LIVI Users for both EMIS Web and SystmOne

Create Role and assign to user

Registration Authorities need to Create a positions (these are free text names) for each organisation (i.e. GP Practice) and associate it to a National Spine role and then assign the position to the user.  Each Role contains Activities that determine what access rights a user has in Emis/SystmOne.

Smartcard Positions for an organisation are created on the Care Identity Service Spine.  Below is an example of two positions created for the organisation Y07108 (NHS Kernow LIVI - TPP).  Each position has been assigned a national role:

Y07108 GP Adminitstrative Staff Senior - R8008 Manager

Y07108 RA GP Clinical Staff- R8000 Clinical Practitioner Access Role

The two National Roles above, R8008 Admin/Clinical Support Access Role and R8000 Clinical Practitioner Access Role contain the following activities:

R8008 Admin/Clinical Support Access Role R8000 Clinical Practitioner Access Role
B0254 - Perform Patient Registration Search B0420 - Independent Prescribing
B0056 - Complete Work Item B0340 - Register Patients
B8029 - Manage Detailed Health Records B0264 - Access SCR Application (Perform Patient Trace)
B0862 - Manage Staff Diary/Rotas B0278 - Perform Prescription Preparation
B1700 - Local System Configuration B8029 - Manage Detailed Health Records
B0360 - View Detailed Health Records B0401 - View Patient Medication
B0815 - Manage Clinical Documents B0560 - Perform Patient Administration
B0450 - Perform Test Actions B0572 - Manage Pharmacy Activities
B0994 - Manage Ad-hoc Reports B0380 - Perform Detailed Health Record
B0264 - Access SCR Application (Perform Patient Trace) B0082 - Legal Override of Consent
B0424 - Manage Patient's Nominated Pharmacy B0360 - View Detailed Health Records
B8018 - View Test/Investigation Requests B0825 - Amend Patient Demographics
B0422 - Reauthorise medication B0370 - View Summary Health Records
B1611 - Access Sensitive(S) Flagged Records B1101 - Manage Outbound Referrals
B0428 - Personal Medication Administration B0168 - View SCR when permission could not be requested
B0425 - Print/Issue Prescriptions for Signing  
B0426 - Request Prescription for Dispensing  
B0560 - Perform Patient Administration  
B0820 - View Patient Demographics  
B0825 - Amend Patient Demographics  
B0370 - View Summary Health Records  
B0371 - View deleted items in patient records  
B0372 - Amend consultation notes after saving  
B0468 - Cancel Prescription  
B0278 - Perform Prescription Preparation  
B0330 - Amend Patient Demographics (Primary Care)  
B0435 - Manage Tests  
B0790 - Perform Clinical Coding  
B8009 - Register Patient with Primary Care Provider on PDS  
B1570 - View Shared Non Patient Identifiable Information  
B8013 - Amend Patient Administration  
B8012 - View Patient Administration  
B8011 - Perform Clinical Documents  
B8017 - Manage Patient Administration  
B0382 - Access Deducted patients  
B0830 - Perform Patient Demographics  
B8016 - Perform Management Restricted Administration  
B8015 - Perform Clinically Restricted Administration  
B0380 - Perform Detailed Health Record  
B0835 - Manage Patient Demographics  
B0080 - Establish Sealing Controls  
B0085 - Claim a relationship with a patient  
B0445 - Manage Test administration  
B0340 - Register Patients  
B0500 - Manage clinical configuration  
B0540 - Execute Reports and Queries  
B0401 - View Patient Medication  
B0020 - Control Consent Status  
B0390 - Manage Supplementary Patient Documents  
B0093 - Create Work Item  
B1102 - Proxy Manage Outbound Referrals  
B1103 - Manage Outbound Appointments  
B0094 - Amend Work Item  
B0300 - Perform Appointment Bookings (Primary Care)  

Ask the RA to add the additional activity to give the user Local System Access:
B0062 - Local System Administration

A User may be assigned more than one position for the same organisation.  The role assigned to the position will show against the user:
Care Identity Services Portal - Y07108 Roles

Which will correspond to the Users Smartcard:

Smartcard Roles


Smartcard Roles

Therefore LIVI should request the three following Smartcard Roles are created for the following roles (both Emis and SystmOne):

  1. System Administrator Role (R8015)
  2. Admin/Clinical Support Access Role (R8008)
  3. Clinical Practitioner Access Role (R8000)

And the assigned to the approriate LIVI Staff.

SystmOne RBAC Positions

S1 RBAC Spine Codes

SystmOne RBAC Roles:

Additional Access Rights for SystmOne admins:

S1 RBAC Access Rights

Example Request to RA:

Please could you create a new Position name: LIVI System Administrator for the organisation <Organisation Name> <Organisation ODS Code> with the National Role - R8015 and assign to the following users (smartcard numbers included):

List of Users <full name> <Smartcard Number>


Ask the RA to set assigned LIVI Staff as Sponsors so they can assign the users.  The RA will still have to create the new Positions.

National RBAC Roles

National RBAC Roles can be downloaded here.