Livi Practice EMIS Set-up Guide

How to configure EMIS Web for the LIVI Practice service

Table of Contents

Local User Accounts

Create a new Location

Create a Team

Set up an appointment book, session holders and slot types

Set up a Generic Account

Create an Appointment Slot Type

Create an Appointment Template

Create a Session Holder Filter

Adding Livi GPs and Admin

Document Templates

Local User Accounts

Ask the GP Practice to set up an EMIS accounts for Livi users who will be setting up the EMIS.  The account will need the following EMIS role:


Create a new Location

Create a location called “Livi Practice” with a location type of “Other Location”.

Before creating the Location make a note of the GP Practice address and telephone number.  In Emis select the EMIS Bubble > Configuration > Organisation Configuration and then select Locations in the bottom left menu:

EMIS - Org Config_Loc

Highlight the Location (Main Location) and select Edit:

Main Location

and make a note of the GP Practice Address and Telephone number (i.e. copy into Notepad):

Main Location Details

Select Cancel and Yes when prompted.

Now make a note of Livi's main address (i.e in Notepad):

Capital Tower, 91 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8RT

Select the dropdown arrown under Add and select Add Location:

Add Location

Add the Location Name 'Livi Practice', select Location Type of 'Other Location' and add the GP Practice Telephone number.  Add Livi's main office address and select No next to FP10 Address same as this Address (this will create an FP10 tab):

Livi Practice

Select the FP10 Address tab and type in the GP Practice name and address:

FP10 Address

Click on OK

Create a Team

Create a Team calll 'Tasks from Livi'.  This will be used for Livi GPs to send tasks back to Practice staff in there are any further actions required following a Livi consultation.  The practice will need to add the staff to this team who they wish to manage action these tasks.  Therefore once the Team has been created inform the Practice and ask them to populate with staff members.

In Emis select the EMIS Bubble > Configuration > Organisation Configuration and then select Teams in the bottom left menu:

EMIS - Org Config_Teams

Select the dropdown arrown under Add and select Add Team:

Add Team

Give the Team name 'Tasks from Livi' and a suitable description.  You will need to add at least 1 User to be able to create the Team.   Click on the Search Glass and select a User (select yourself if you are not sure and then later remove yourself once populated with Practice Users).  Select Yes next to Allow Acceptance of Tasks:

Tasks from Livi

Once created, inform the Practice to start adding users to this Team who they wish to action any tasks sent back by a Livi GP

Set up an appointment book, session holders and slot types

In this section you will need to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Create a 'Generic' GP Account called Dr A Livi that will be the Appointment Session Holder
  2. Create a Slot Type called Livi to be used in Livi Appointment Books
  3. Create an Appointment Template (optional but can save time later)
  4. Create an Appointment Book (ready for Go Live)

Create a 'Generic' GP Account

In Emis select the EMIS Bubble > Configuration > Organisation Configuration and then select Users in the bottom left menu:


Select the dropdown arrown under Add and select Add New User:

Add New User

Create the new user copying the details below. You will only complete three sections - User detailsRole and User Role Profiles.

New User - User Details

New User - Role

New User - User Role Profiles

When completed click on OK. You will be prompted with the following message:

Professional Numbers Invalid

As this user will not need any professional numbers (i.e. GMC number) just click on Yes.

Create a Appointment Slot Type

In Emis select the EMIS Bubble > Appointments > Appointment Book:

Appointment Book

Select the Appointments Configuration Button from the ribbon:

Appts Config

Select Slot Types from the Organisation Options Menu and then Add...:

Slot Types

Complete the Slot Type Details as below:

Slot Type Details

You may wish to choose an alternative Foreground and Background colour to the ones above.

Click on OK

Create an Appointment Template

In Emis select the EMIS Bubble > Appointments > Appointment Book:

Appointment Book

Select Create Session:

Create Session

Complete the following:

Session Name Give the session name an appropriate name
Time: from & to Choose the session start and end times
Slot Duration Select the length of each slot session
Session Category Select Default Non-list Category
Location Select Livi Practice

Appt Template 1

Then click on the Session Holders (click to edit) bar at the bottom.

Click on Add, search for Dr A Livi as the session holder and cick on OK:

Appt Template 2

Highlight all the slot types on the right (click on the first slot, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the last slot), right click and select Slot Properties:

Slot Properties Right Click

Choose the Slot Type Livi:

Slot Type Livi

Click on Apply and Close

The session details should look similiar to the image below.  To save this as a template click on Save as Template:

LIVI Appointments Templare Complete

and give it an appropriate name:

Template Save As

Creating Appointment Templates saves a lot of time and effort.  It enables admin staff to open the template (Load from Template), apply the appropriatre date and click on create to create the Appointment Book.

Create a Session Holder Filter

Staying in the Appointment Book area click on Appts Config button:

Appts Config

Select Session Holder Filters under Organisation Options and then click on Add Session Holders and Lists:

Appts Config Window

Give it the name LIVI and then Serach for Dr A LIVI and add them (double click to select).  Click on OK

LIVI Session Holder Filter

Click on OK.

When adding a LIVI GP to EMIS make sure you check the LIVI Session Holder Filter in the Session holder filters section:

GP LIVI Session Holder

Adding Livi GPs and Admin

A group of GPs and a few Admin members will need to be added to the EMIS system. This will include:

  1. Creating an account for each GP and Admin member in EMIS
    1. Create a Username in the following format: (First Letter of First name + Surname + 1) e.g. JSmith1
    2. Create an initial password. Ensure to ticket the box ‘User must change password on next sign in’. Please set all Livi clinician logins to Monday2021

GP Setup

New GP 1

You must enter a legitmimate email address.  This will be used to email the GP a link to reset their password if they forget thier current one

Copy the settings below on the Role section.  You will need to know the GPs GMC Number and the Spurious Code which will be provided by the Practice.  Use the Mnemonic initals_LIVI:

New GP 2

The RBAC Role Clinical Practitioner Access Role should be added automatically in the User Role Profiles:

New GP 3

The User Role Profile above will be superseded by the GPs Smartcard Role once they have Associated their Card

Check the Session holder filter LIVI in the Session holder filters:

GP LIVI Session Holder

Click on OK.  You may get the following message.  Just click on Yes:

Professional Numbers Invalid

Admin Setup

Follow the configuration below for Admin Users:

New Admin1

New Admin2

GP LIVI Session Holder

Document Templates

Templates (such as 2WW) in EMIS can be viewed by going to Emis Bubble > Configuration > Template Manager

All EMIS Document templates (such as 2WW) are in .ewdt format (Emis Web Document Template).  Word documents (and other formats such as PDFs) cannot be converted to .ewdt's outside of EMIS.  EMIS uses a local install of Microsoft Word to create Document Templates but when they are saved it converts them to .ewdt format.  Document Templates can be imported and exported from EMIS and then amended.

In Template Manager select the Document Templates tab in the left menu:

Document Templates Tab

If you wish you can create a new folder to keep all your templates in one place:

Add Folder


To Import a Document Template, click on the folder where you wish to import the template to and on the top menu select Import:


Select either a single *.ewdt file from your local machine (Document) or if you have a folder with many .ewdt files, import the whole folder (Folder).  If you choose folder it will craete a child folder with the selected Emis folder of the same name created on the local machine:

In the images below there is a folder called LIVI that contains 2 *.ewdt files on the local machine.  Selecting the Folder will import the whole folder and the 2 *.ewdt files and create a folder in Emis called LIVI

LIVI Folder




To export a *.ewdt file, select the file in Emis (you cannot export folders) and select Export:


Export to your local device and Save:

Export local device

Edit Template

To edit a template select the *.ewdt file in Emis and click on Edit:

Edit Template

Before editing a template, copy and paste it (right click on file) into the same folder and edit the copy.  That way you can always revert back to the original if you make a mistake.

Copy & Paste

When you have finished updating the template click on Save and either select Save and Close or Save As:

Save Template

You can also rename Templates by highlighting them, selecting Properties and changing the Name:

Rename Template