Livi Population - EMIS Practice Configuration/Testing

User Guide for GP Practices using EMIS Web who are partnering with LIVI for their Population Service

  • Enable Data Sharing Agreements
  • Enable GP Connect
  • Set up Team for receiving Tasks
  • Register a Spine Dummy Patient (or provide details)
  • Test Discharge Summary

Enable Data Sharing Agreements

  • Care Record
  • CrossOrgTasks
  • Enterprise Appointment (for Consultation write back)

Enable GP Connect

  • Out of Area Patients
  • Access Record: Structured
  • Send Document
  • SystmOne Patient access

Set up Team for receiving Tasks

  • Send Task back to Practice Team
  • Add Members
  • Ensure Members set up for Cross Organisation Sharing

Register a Spine Dummy Patient

  • LIVI can provide
  • Register as Temporay Resident
  • Test Care Record access, EPS and Discharge Summary

Test Discharge Summary

  • Docman Connect
  • Black Pear
  • Consultation Write Back
  • GP Connect - Send Document