How to create a user account

This article explains how to create a username and password for Mjog.

Each member of staff who is going to use Mjog should have their own user account so that you have full auditing of all messages that have been sent and any changes that have been made. 

On this page:

  1. Creating an Mjog user account
  2. Access Levels
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Creating an Mjog User Account

  • From the Mjog Home Page, click Settings.
  • Select the Administration tab.
  • Click Manage Mjog Users.
  • Click Add a new user.

Complete the user details as below.

The table below describes the purpose of each of the settings.

Setting Description
Full Name Enter the full name of the new user.
User Name
This is the login name for the new account. You cannot use spaces or punctuation in an Mjog user name.


This will be your work email address

Mobile (Optional)

This is used for sending test messages, and is also required if you are creating a user for Desktop GP.
Password This will be the password for the new user account. It is case sensitive.
Active If checked, the account can be used to access Mjog. If unchecked, the account is not currently in use. This may be useful for staff that are on long term leave or if you need to temporarily suspend a user from accessing Mjog.
Access Level You can set the level of access that is granted to this account.  You have the choice of four levels, ranging from minimal access to full administrator access.

Access Levels

The table below explains the purpose of each of the Access Levels


Access Level  Grants Access To 
 Read Only
  • VIEW the appointment reminders.
  • VIEW the status and communication reports.
  • NO ACCESS to settings and configuration options.
  • Show Comms History (messages sent and received from patients).
 Read, Write
  • All “Read Only” Access above, plus:
  • Send a Now / Quick Message / Desktop GP message to a Patient or Patients.
  • Opt Out a patient.
  •  All of the above and send a Batch message.
  • Full access to all features and configuration settings.

It is recommended to have at least two Administrators, i.e. to cover for holidays, etc.

  • Click Save Settings.
  • Click Back to previous page to add another user.

Video Guide