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Why are patients receiving reminders with the wrong appointment time

If you are using EMIS Web you may find that patients very occasionally report that the appointment reminder text they received was showing the wrong time. For example, a patient may receive an appointment reminder text saying their appointment is at 10:00, when in EMIS Web it is booked for 10:10.
This appears to be an issue with how EMIS Web handles empty appointment slots and passes this information to MJog. As such, a series of appointment slots in EMIS Web that looks like this:
Slot Time Patient
09:50 Adam A
10:10 Barry B
10:20 Charlie C





May very occasionally be passed to MJog by EMIS Web as:
Slot Time Patient
09:50 Adam A
10:00 Barry B
10:10 Charlie C





If you see this happening you should contact EMIS Support directly and ask them to investigate. There is nothing MJog can do to resolve this issue as the error is occurring in the data provided to MJog.