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MJog computer being replaced

EMIS Web or SystmOne

Follow the instruction in the Moving the MJog Client guide, which you can download to the left.

For the best results turn off all of the mjog services starting with MJog before running.


Firstly, you will need to contact MJog Support to arrange a re-installation. Additionally, before the PC is removed from your practice entirely, you or your IT provider need to back up your MJog's program folder, so that MJog Support can preserve all your settings and historical data. All you need to do is to save your MJog's program folder to a shared folder on your network that you can access from another computer.

  • Navigate to the C drive of the PC where your MJog is currently installed, open the Program Files folder, then the Soft Option Technologies Ltd; there you will see the folder called MJog.
  • In another explorer window, navigate to a network drive that will be accessible from the new MJog PC, create a folder called mjogbackup.
  • Copy the MJog folder over to the shared mjogbackup folder on the network drive