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Synchronisation Status

MJog uses an Internet connection to send messages, receive replies and also software updates. If MJog is not able to connect to the Internet it will be unable to perform this ‘synchronisation’ process.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. In the first instance you should check that the computer where MJog is installed (which may/not be your computer) has connectivity to the Internet. This can be done simply by bringing up your normal Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and navigating to ‘www.google.com’ or ‘www.bbc.co.uk’.

If the web page is correctly shown then the Internet connection is working.

2. If the Internet connection is working then you should close all programs on the machine where MJog is installed and restart this machine.

If the Internet connection is not working then please contact your PCT/IT Support. MJog will not be able to function until your Internet connection is functioning.

3. Wait at least one hour, if the error is still displayed then you should contact MJog support.