Patient Registrations

This article explains how to view how many of your patients have a valid mobile number recorded within their medical record.

In order to improve your ability to text your patients, it is essential that you collect as many mobile numbers for your patients as possible!

Fortunately, there are a couple of very useful reports available within Mjog that allows you to analyse your coverage of patient mobile registrations and identity which patients are missing mobile numbers.

On this page:

  1. Patient Registrations
  2. Improving Patient Registrations

Patient Registrations

The first useful report allows you to view the statistics of how many mobile numbers that you have in proportion to your patient population.

  • From the Home Page of Mjog, click switch back to revert to the 'Classic' view of Mjog:

Once you are viewing the 'Classic' the Home Page, you will be able to see the Patient Registrations “thermometer”.

The better the percentage, the greener the bar will go and the description will change from “Bad / Very Poor / Poor / Good / Very Good / Excellent” accordingly.  This information is updated from your PAS on a regular basis.

  • Click Registration:

'Patient Analysis - Opted In Mobile Phone' shows you the demographics of your patients who have a mobile number recorded for them, it also shows you the overall mobile registrations.


Improving Patient Registrations

A very simple method to improving your coverage of your mobile number registrations, is to use another report available on the Home Page of Mjog.

  •  Ensuring that you are viewing the 'New' design of Mjog, click Appointments & Reminders:

This page shows you statistics of messages that are being sent for your clinics on a given day (the default view is 'Today'):

To create a list of today's patients that you do not have a mobile number recorded for:

  • Select the Status 'Cannot Deliver / Failed', and then click Update:

The report is now filtered to show all of today's patients that you do not have mobile numbers for / mobile numbers that have failed to receive appointment reminders.

  • Click Export Report to CSV to export the list of patients to Excel:

If you use this report to "target" patients when they come into the surgery, and collect their mobile numbers on a regular basis, you'll soon improve your coverage of mobile numbers!