How to send a seasonal flu invitation

This article will show you how to create and send a seasonal flu invitation using an Mjog Questionnaire.

On this page:

  1. Sending a questionnaire as a Batch Message
  2. Create a new batch message

  3. Selecting a patient list

  4. Selecting a message template

  5. Coding a Batch message

  6. Choosing a delivery date

  7. Confirming settings and sending a batch message

Sending a seasonal flu invitation using Batch Messenger

The following steps explain how to set up your Batch Message.

Create a new batch message

  • Using your clinical system, create / run a search for the patients (message recipients), and export it as a CSV file.
  • From the Home Page of Mjog, click Send a Batch Message

    send a batch message

    Enter a Name for your Batch Message and then click Save and continue:

    name batch

    Selecting a patient list

    Click Select patient list:

    select patient list-1

    Clicking the link Learn how to format the file, will provide you with guidance on how to format your CSV file.

    •  Navigate to and select your CSV file, and then click Open:

    select patient list-2

    • Click Continue:
    patient list uploaded

    • Confirm your patient selection and click Save and continue:
    save and continue

    Selecting a message template

    Click Select template:

    select template-1
    • Select the message template and click Use Template
    select and use template
    • Select SMS Message Only and click Continue
    sms only

    Coding a Batch message

    The questionnaire template has the relevant codes assigned to the various responses that patients will complete, but in this example, you may want to add a code for the Invitation to have a Flu Vaccination to 'Message delivered'.

    • Click Save and continue:

    sms preview

    Choosing a delivery date

    • Select a date / time for the delivery of your batch message, and then click Save

    add delivery date

    Confirming settings and sending a batch message

    • Confirm your message settings and then click Schedule:

    You may wish to send a test message to yourself first!

    flu schedule

    You have now successfully sent an Mjog Questionnaire as a Batch Message!