East Sussex Healthcare Trust - EMIS Reports

LIVI Appointment Types

Navigate to Appointments > Appointment Reporting:

Appointment Reporting Menu

Select the LIVI folder and click on LIVI Appointment Types report.  Click on the Run button:

Run Appointment Reporting

As the report is running the Last Run status will show as Queued - it may stay like this for a couple of minutes:


When todays date shows under Last Run click on View Results:

Date Showing

If you wish to export the results select Export:

View Results Export

Select the format you wish to export to (Excel or CSV):


And save the file to your local device:


Population Reports

Navigate to Reporting > Population Reporting:

Pop Rep Menu

Select the LIVI folder

Highlight the report you wish to run and select Run:

Pop Reports Run-1

If prompted enter the Date Parameters you wish to report against:


As with the Appointment Reporting the Last Run status will change to Queued as it is running. 

POP Queued

When the Last Run status has changed to Todays date click on View Results.

POP View

Again the Report can be exported in EXCEL or CSV format.

Often Population Reports will contain Patient Identifiable Data and therefore should be exported to a secure area where only authorised personnel can access.