Enabling Shared Administration

How to enable Shared Admin within your organisation.

Creating a new Shared Admin Group

Configuring Organisation Preferences for practice staff

How to view data when part of a Shared Admin Group

Creating a new Shared Admin Group.

  • Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Groups.

You will need to be a SystmOne Administrator to turn on this functionality.

  • Select the option New Group which will then present a new window that will allow you to create the new Organisation Group.
  • Name the Group name.
  • Select the Parent organisation group.
  • Select the Function/speciality of “Shared Admin”.
  • Enter a General description of what the group is for.
  • Select the relevant Membership terms.
  • For Shared Admin, you will need to enable “Membership must be approved by your organisation”.

This will allow you to control the organisations that are apart of your Shared Admin Group.

  • Enable “Enable shared administration”.

This will show you more options at the bottom of the window for the Shared Admin functionality. From here, you can decide which parts of the Shared Admin functionality you’d like to use, as well as deciding whether to share with the owner of the group, or all members.

  • Click on “OK” to confirm.

  • A new window will appear that will allow you to add organisations into your Shared Admin group.

  • Click on the 🔍 icon.
  • Search for the relevant organisation.
  • Once you have found the relevant organisation, click on the ➕ to add them to the list.

You can remove an organisation by selecting the relevant organisation and clicking on the ➖ icon.

  • Click on “OK” to confirm. 

Your Shared Admin organisation group has now been created, and a task has been sent to the invited organisation

Configuring Organisation Preferences for practice staff

  • Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences > Search for “Shared Admin” in the search field.
  • You can now enabled Shared Admin for all staff, or for specific users.

Changes made to add or remove staff will only take effect until the user has restarted SystmOne.

How to view data when part of a Shared Admin Group

Depending on what functionality has been enabled within the Shared Admin functionality, you can now other organisations that have approved the invitation and are now a part of your group.