Creating a secure username and password for Mjog Cloud.

As Cloud versions of Mjog are accessible on the Internet, it is vitally important that all usernames and passwords for Mjog are secure and any users that are no longer working for your surgery are deleted from Mjog.

How to change your username and password

Usernames and passwords for Mjog must be changed to match the following format.


Your NHS email address


Minimum length of 8 characters

Includes at least 1 letter(s)

Includes at least 1 number(s)

Includes at least 1 lower case letter(s)

Includes at least 1 upper case letter(s)

Includes at least 1 symbol(s). Allowed symbols: #_!$%^&*-+=[]{}@~?/\.,


An administrator of Mjog is able to do this by following these instructions:

  • From the Mjog Home Page, click Settings.
  • Select the Administration tab.
  • Click Manage Mjog Users.
  • Select Edit on the user you wish to update.
  • Change the Username to the user’s NHS email address
  • Change the Password so that it adheres to the password policy mentioned above.
  • Click Save settings
  • Click Back to Previous page and repeat the process for all users that need access to Mjog.
  • Please delete any users that are no longer required or who no longer work for you.