Configuring sharing preferences for SystmOne

How to update your default sharing preferences for patients seen in another SystmOne unit

You will require SystmOne Administrator level access to complete these steps

Updating these settings will automatically enable record sharing in and out, between SystmOne Units, unless the  patient has explicitly dissented to sharing. 

Go to:

Setup > User & Policy > Organisation preferences 

Scroll down to Clinical Policy 

Click on the V to expand the folder


Scroll down to Sharing 

Untick Do not allow tasks to be sent from or to this unit if the patient has not consented to sharing

Sharing Out

Tick Automatically record sharing out preference 

Tick Yes - Share record 

Tick Policy 

Add a brief description of the policy 

Sharing In

Tick Automatically record sharing in preference 

Tick View shared record 

Tick Policy 

Add a brief description of the policy 

Click Ok

Safe list 

Not all organisations have this next step enabled therefore it may not be applicable to your SystmOne Unit. 

Go to: 

Setup > User & Policy > Share in Rules...


If your unit is configured so that No Organisation Require Verification no further action is required


If your unit is configured to Custom you will need to add the unit(s) where your Livi appointments are hosted, to the Do Not Require Verification list. 


Click + Add Organisation 


Enter the Unit's ID code which can be obtained from your Livi Account Manager 

Example: Y07273 (do not use this code unless you are connected to the Lincolnshire Livi Hub)

Click Search

Double Click on the Unit name 

Click on + Add Organisation 

Search for your own Unit's ID (your practice ODS code) 

Double click on your Unit's name 

Click Ok